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What to Do When You’re the Victim of a Car Accident in Chicago

by Dixon Law Office

9181772302_667f8755dd_bCar accidents are always scary, whether you get seriously hurt or not. That being said, it's important you understand what to do next.

No matter how minor the accident, you should always call the police and collect contact information from anyone who saw what happened. The other parties involved may be pleasant, cooperative and supportive now. Someone may even take responsibility. However, that can all change when injured parties begin hiring attorneys and take a look at their hospital bills.

You should also do your part of documenting the crash with the camera on your phone. The Chicago police will do a good job, as well, but there's no point to not doing this in the meantime.

Finally, get a hold of a lawyer. Again, whether you're in pain or not, they will help you better understand the situation and what your options are moving forward.

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