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What Should I Do If My Child Has Been Hit By A Car?

by Dixon Law Office

Pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents happen everyday in our country. Just recently in Riverside, IL an armed robbery gone wrong resulted in an out of control vehicle that just missed crushing nearby pedestrians – you can read more @ “This incident could have easily resulted in a multiple fatal crash” .

When we leave our homes, there is a chance that we can be hurt due to the negligence of others. We are often asked, what should I do if my child is hit by a car?

What should I do if my child is hit by a car?

The question of driver liability hinges on whether the driver was negligent?

In situations where the driver should know that children are present – near schools, parks, bus stops, playgrounds, or other areas drivers are required to use extra caution and care when driving. This also applies to residential neighborhoods where children are visibly present and playing alongside streets in the yards of houses.

If your child is struck by a car, the question of fault is not the same as to which adults are held:

  • Children are distracted more easily than adults
  • The standard is whether the child exercised the care expected from a child of similar age, intelligence, and experience
  • Young children are not legally responsible for their actions

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