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Drunk or Drugged Driver – Seek Medical Attention

by Dixon Law Office

Doctor greating patientIf you have been in a car accident because of a drunk or drugged driver, you may have suffered some serious injuries.  While it's important to make sure the intoxicated driver is held accountable for his careless decisions, it's just as important to make sure you get the help you need for the physical injuries you have suffered due to the car crash.  If you think something might be wrong, go to the hospital, even if you don't think it's that serious. Let a doctor check you out and make sure there's nothing wrong internally that you can't see or feel right away. You may just need x-rays and pain medication.  You might need physical therapy.  Perhaps it is more serious and you need surgery. Whatever it is, don't let the inconvenience of going to the emergency room stop you from getting the treatment you need and deserve.

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