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What Is Negligent Entrustment of a Motor Vehicle?

by Dixon Law Office

Negligence refers to someone being injured because of another person's actions or lack thereof. Despite the fact that the harm was unintentional, the negligent party may still be held accountable.

Negligent entrustment expands the circle of accountability to include anyone who gave or lent the alleged perpetrator any item involved in the act.

In the case of a car accident, you could be charged with negligent entrustment if you lent your car to someone who then ran someone over with it because they weren't looking when they backed out of a parking spot.

If the injured party's attorney can prove you should have known better than to borrow the other person your vehicle (perhaps they were intoxicated), you'll be held accountable for some of the damages (other stipulations apply).

As you can imagine, depending on the extent of the damage done, the consequences of being found guilty of negligent entrustment of a vehicle in Chicago could be very expensive.

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