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Drunk Driving Accident – Write to Your Senators!

by Dixon Law Office

111th_US_Senate_class_photoIf you have been involved in a serious accident because the other driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you might be wondering, what happens to the driver?  If he injures you very badly, will he go to jail? Will he have to pay for your hospital bills?  What about my future medical care?  The answer to these questions can vary in each specific situation and you speak with a lawyer to help you get those answers.

Sadly, sometimes it may seem that the laws are not harsh enough on drunk drivers. One way to express your dissatisfaction and to try to help others from being victims of drunk drivers in the future is to write to your senators.  You can write to them and discuss the impact of drunk/drugged driving and how the laws should adequately reflect the amount of damage that is caused. Maybe you have some ideas on how to cut down on the number of drunk driving accidents, which you can include in your letter.  Keep it direct and to the point so it gets read and taken seriously. Maybe nothing will come of this, but if enough people write to them, they are more likely to take this situation seriously and make sure the punishment fits the crime.

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