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Preventable Injuries Part Two Age 1 to 24

Continuing our focus on the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month this June, we are sharing what you should know about preventable injuries and the top risks in four different age groups. Preventable injuries are the fourth leading cause ofContinue reading

Health Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay Your Bills After an Accident

It’s true. One of the sad realities that personal injury victims learn after an accident is that even if they have health insurance, their insurance company will often REFUSE to pay the bills. Sound crazy? It is. Why do theyContinue reading

How a Car Accident Ruins Your Credit

The number 1 cause of personal bankruptcy is medical bills. More than credit card debt, car loans, or mortgage foreclosure, MEDICAL BILLS cause bankruptcy. Why is that? If you have been hurt in a car accident, you are going toContinue reading